Restoration Contractors for Emergency Restoration

Need A Consultant or Restoration Contractor To Give You Professional Advice?

With more than 30 years of experience, REDCON can provide consulting services on any type of emergency restoration project. Our consultants routinely travel the country documenting the nature and scope of required repairs. These professionals have years of experience and training in all types of disaster response, emergency restoration, reconstruction and safety training. Real numbers and realistic timeframes, based on a proven track record of accomplishment, make REDCON a name you can trust.


Planning for disaster and recovery of damaged property or corporate assets has never been more important. As a leader in disaster recovery services, we have witnessed the physical, financial and emotional impact of disasters. Surprisingly, many businesses and homeowners see recovering from an emergency as a do-it-yourself solution. Property damage recovery “specialists” are typically capable of responding to a wide range of damage incidents including water, fire, mold, storm and other weather-related events.

Who Can I Trust?

When selecting your service partners, consider not only their expertise, range of services and capacity to respond, but also levels and type of insurance coverage, scheduled rates and billing terms. Many emergencies can result in an insurance claim, requiring greater documentation, reporting and time to settle payments.

Plan Ahead With REDCON

REDCON can help you develop an effective disaster recovery or business continuity plan. Working together with your business team, we will review and test your emergency plan. We will educate ourselves on your building or facilities and recommend actions to help improve the effectiveness of your plan. Why are we qualified to help? Experience thinking on our feet in emergencies – time and time again, in unique circumstances and for a wide variety of properties – is what gives REDCON the ability to foresee the short and long-term consequences of rapid-fire decisions.

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