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We provide training for security operations in both high-tech and high-touch environments.

Being prepared is as vital as breathing to you — and to us. That’s why our experts make sure your security operations run with the skilled preparation that’s essential to safeguarding what matters most: your people, property, and assets.

We understand your organization has a unique set of issues and requirements. That’s why we work collaboratively with you to address individual needs in your training program, including training for sensitivity to issues associated with your organizational culture, policies and procedures, staff engagement, available resources and more.

security guards with yellow vests

Security Training Services

We will share our comprehensive, real-world security training expertise and in-depth knowledge of:

  • Crime trends and intelligence
  • Facility functions and threat paradigms
  • Technology and security management protocols
  • Active shooter and terrorist responses

From recognizing danger cues of potential workplace violence to full-scale emergency response procedures, our training modules emphasize planning and preparedness in both high-tech and high-touch environments.